Well hello there,

You found my Fediverse page. This is nother special really, it is just a overview of my more recent posts on my Pleroma instance. You can also follow me on your Mastodon or other Fediverse connected service at @corne@cd0.nl

Thanks, and see you later.

Depends on the type of software, for professional use give me all the info you have. If I’m ordering something online, just try again

TIL you can round numbers (float64) to float32 in #JavaScript using Math.fround, you could even gain some performance increases with the right use cases. https://blog.mozilla.org/javascript/2013/11/07/efficient-float32-arithmetic-in-javascript/

Alternatively you could use https://www.npmjs.com/package/concurrently, but npm-run-all looks nice too. Might give that a try next time.
Thanks for sharing the article. I found the property a while ago, but it didn't work on body. It does however work when applied to :root as mentioned in the article.
I really enjoyed it. It is a story about a somewhat dystopian future, so that is a bit of a downer by nature, but there are also enough bright and funny parts.
There are a other usecases where “offline” PWA comes in handy. If the apps uses chunks, you don’t have to wait for those chunks to load anymore. Also, if the app updates while you have the app open, and you navigate to a page where another chunk is needed, that chunk might not be available anymore.
Hello everybody, I'm still missing an #introduction, so here it is.

My name is Corné Dorrestijn. I'm from a small town in the Netherlands. I'm a #TypeScript #React developer, working on e-commerce websites for interesting customers. When I'm hobbying I also like to use #ReScript, another programming language. If you've found me, you've probably also seen that my account is on a rather unknown domain, that is because I'm self-hosting an instance (Soapbox) that I've also customized a bit to my liking. Anything else... ah yes, I am married and we do have a cat. If you want a photo of our cat, just ask.

Kthnxbye. ♡
In the Linux OTP installation guide they link to that article.

> PgTune can be used to get recommended settings. Be sure to set "Number of Connections" to 20, otherwise it might produce settings hurtful to database performance.

That setting will result in max_connections being 20 in the generated configuration.

Thanks for helping out!
PGTune with settings prefilled. One if the settings is Number of Connections that results in max_connections=20
Well, increasing the max_connections (in postgresql) seems to be working. Might be useful to add to the documentation somewhere, since Pleroma recommends 20 connections.

You could store the result in a var first:

result="EXTRA_DESCRIPTION=$(npx ts-node ./scripts/changelog.ts $CI_COMMIT_TAG)" && echo $result >> variables.env
Upgraded from #pleroma BE to #rebased today, but haven't received any statuses for a few hours. Sending also didn't seem to work. For now I've restored a snapshot, but I am now again missing out on those nice features. Is there any documentation on how to troubleshoot Federation/why my messages are not working? @alex

Luke Dash, one core developers of Bitcoin just got all his Bitcoins stolen.

But let's pretend anyone can safely store their life savings in crypto.

I'm curious.

How many of you that have a GitHub account do also have a @Codeberg account?

Boosts appreciated.

Thinking more people are going to engage with you on mainstream social media “because everyone’s there” is like thinking people at a stadium concert are there to listen to you. It‘s only true if you’re one of the ones on stage. Not so much when you’re huddled in the nosebleeds.

Forget the numbers. Forget about “going viral” (leave it to the psychopaths in Silicon Valley to make virus-like behaviour aspirational). Embrace the joy of interacting with one another on a human scale.

The time has come to vote for themes at ludum dare!
Upvote the ones you like even if they aren't perfect! Otherwise we just get the least hated theme not the most loved one! =)