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Well hello there,

You found my Fediverse page. This is nothing special really, it is just an overview of my more recent posts on my Pleroma instance. You can also follow me on your Mastodon or other Fediverse connected service at

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Someone updated #OpenStreetMap straight away, removing part of Francis Scott Key #Bridge.,,; de scam mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos.
P.s. #bun having a built-in file router made that part much easier 😁
For a lot of projects I'm using Next.js, so for a change I'm trying to build a Next.js clone in Bun/ReScript for my own Blog. It's actually quite fun to do, and the result is ridiculously lightweight. You can see my progress here:

Oh hello there, Mastodon 👋

I think the best way for us to start on here is share with you our new project,

Glad to be here 😎

Die kamer heeft een pizzeria vibe 🤔
It will happily help you choose between two people to kill, or you know, just kill both. Hiding the bodies? No problem, why not try the woods.

How can they sell this (for serious money) as a "friend who cares" 😞
This "friend" understands me a bit too well 😬 This is a pretty sketchy implementation imho
I've tried Arc, but I don't think I understand what it really adds that Firefox (or Vivaldi) does not have.
Same here, I use this combo a lot in non-ideal situations, and those issues do not sound familiar.
There already is a browser feature for years (in at least Firefox)

However, the UX is not even close to what it should be to replace the JS dark mode toggle buttons.

10,001,119 accounts
+1,627 in the last hour
+45,914 in the last day
+151,292 in the last week

Ook mooi dat ~25% van de ruimte naar het bureau gaat dat de advertentie heeft ontworpen.

Microsoft has always had a great philosophy around accessibility and introduced me to the idea of temporary disability. It’s a great way to broaden one’s perspective on how much impact making your product more accessible has.

Try out CSS Nesting today in Safari Technology Preview!

Here’s how it works.

Am I good enough to put "Prompt Engineer" on my linkedin?